Dehong He

Illustrator,Concept artist and 3d artist.

I've worked professionally as a concept artist for over 6 years.
in past years I created couple of lunched MMO games , and won number of prizes,
including a few prizes for comics, a couple of prizes for game illustrations, one for
‘The Journey Begins’ CGChallenge on CGSociety, and one for "Dominance war".
If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to email me at

Working Experience:

-2009-Current (SINGAPORE)
Time Voyager Pte Ltd (SINGAPORE)
Art Director/Concept Artist/Lead Artist/

I worked on a MMO Game entitled "Time voyage"responsible for the overall art style, 
Facilitate and manage whole art team and improve all aspects of game including concept 
art, UI design, modeling and texturing.

Envisage reality Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
Responsibilities: Character and environment design.

Redeye Studio Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
Responsibilities: Character and Environment design, Modeling, UV layout,
Normal mapping .

Freelance Artist

TQ Digital Entertainment ( China)-Concept artist
Responsibilities: Character and Environment Design.
Shipped titles:
"ZERO "MMO game ,"HEROES" MMO game, and "CONQUEST" MMO game.
Project :"Harvest Moon "MMO

Freelance Artist and Comic artist

-2008-2009 Character design and Posters for "KING OF KINGS" MMO game.
-2009"Japanese Samurai" cover and workshop video for 39th issue ImagineFX magazine.
-2008 lecturer of workshop for DCCE(digital conference of creative) in Shanghai ,
Beijing and Guangzhou in China.
-2008"Gracia" advertisement illustration for the official website of "Lineage2" in Russia.
-2008"Leading Innovation" advertisement illustration for the Toshiba official website.
-2008"The Golden Tear" for 33th issue cover of ImagineFX magazine.
-2007"God of Thunder" and "Moon Night " covers for 'Fly Fantasy World' magazine in
-2007"Poseidon's wrath " workshop for the 20th issue ImagineFX magazine.
-2007"Golden tear" was featured in"EXOTIQUE 4".
-2007"marvellous Journey" won the Master award in "EXPOSé 5" and featured in
"spectrum 15"
-2006 I was invited to be one of judges for "CGChallenge XX 'EON' ","CGChallenge XXI
'Strange Behavior' " and "CGChallenge XXI 'Uplift Universe' "on
-2006"Light of Life" was featured in"EXOTIQUE 2".
-2006"The last war" was featured in"EXPOSé 4".
-2006"Dragon Charmer" for the cover of 13th issue ImagineFX magazine.

Prizes and Awards:
-2009 "Apollyon" was awarded 18th position of 4th" Dominance war".
-2006 "marvellous Journey" won the ground prize of "CGChallenge XIX
'The Journey Begins'".
-2004 2nd place of character design competition of “Dilmum”MMO game.
-2003 "Song of Life" won the 3rd prize of "Sephiroth" MMO game poster competition.
-2003 2nd prize of Ubisoft "XIII" game poster competition.
-2003 'Noah's ark' won the award for young artist in 'SINO-JAPANESE comic Exchange'.
-2001'Magic Knight' won the 1st prize in 'Meiniand Comic Competition'black and white
group in Beijing.

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